Fine Tuning

*** Please Note: Our Fine Tuning Service is only available to UK based customers ***

How to make things even better...

When we design our products, we use the best components possible at each price point, and wring the utmost performance from them. The results are the amazing value amplifiers on which we have built our reputation.

That’s not the end of the story, though. We can tune up individual amps for even higher performance by using much more expensive components, by hand selecting matched pairs of output transistors and by fine tuning of individual gain stage performance.

These procedures are not practical for general production, but are ideal for one-off tune ups of individual amplifiers or CD players.

We have found that our fine tuning techniques, even though they are not cheap, offer significant improvement of sonic performance.

If you want to get even more performance from your Musical Fidelity product, talk to us. We can tune up all the products we have made since 1985, with the exception of the SACD player. We know what can be done, and we know how to do it.

N.B. Musical Fidelity has not authorised anyone else to tweak MF amps or CD players. Please be aware of unauthorised tweaking ‘upgrade’ offers. They are likely to result in parasitic oscillations and substantial decrease in measured performance and reliability. Don’t risk it.

To see more details of the Fine Tune process for your Musical Fidelity product, please select your product category from the menu above. All upgrades will come with a 1 Year Musical Fidelity Warranty.

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