Fine Tuning - Phono Stages

*** Please Note: Our Fine Tuning Service is only available to UK based customers ***

kW Phono upgrade schedule

Replace PSU caps with low ESR, high temp. types
Reset and calibrate RIAA correction to be + 0.3dB
Replace decoupling caps with polycarbonate/polyester type
Replace output pre-driver transistors with matched pair
Pure copper noise nulling screen fitted to PSU caps
Service selector switches
Replace 4 output power transistors with super matched pair
Realign and rebalance complete output stage
Upgrade op amps to professional spec type
Realign transformer for best noise performance
Replace regulators with selected precision types
Replace bypass caps from ceramic to polycarbonate/polyester
Pure copper noise nulling belly band screen fitted to mains transformer
Upgrade all audio path electrolytics to low ESR, high temp. type
Log in owner name, model and serial number in Musical Fidelity archives
Issue certificate signed by Antony Michaelson
Soak test over 10 days

Cost; £699 inc VAT.
In the UK we will pay freight to your house.
Overseas clients; all freight charges in both directions, customs clearance charges and duties at your cost.

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