Fine Tuning - Testimonials

*** Please Note: Our Fine Tuning Service is only available to UK based customers ***

We are very proud to offer our bespoke "Fine Tuning" services and we believe they offer superb value for money and clear sonic upgrades. However, don't just take our word for it! Here are the unsolicited testimonials from customers who have already taken advantage of this service:

Dear Musical Fidelity,
Thank you! My A5 cr pre and pow amps sound stonking and far better than it did before. I’ll be back!

Vincent Ho - Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
A5cr Preamplifier and A5cr Power Amplifier

Dear MF,
My upgraded Nu Vista M3 just arrived. I loved it before and I’m now besotted. Thanks.

J Black - Manchester
Nu-Vista M3 Integrated Amplifier

Dear Musical Fidelity,
At first I was unsure as to whether the fine-tuning service would make much difference to my tri vista dac, but having received it back from yourselves this morning I was very pleased to hear the difference it has made.

J Scrivens - London
Tri-Vista 21 DAC

Dear MF,
I’ve had my A3.2 from new and I knew it was getting on a bit, but because I loved it so much I didn’t really want to change it. Your fine-tuning service was like my unknown wish. Now I’ve got it back, I’m very happy. Happy Christmas.

Aldo Hai - London, SW
A3.2 Integrated Amplifier

Dear MF,
I decided to have the Musical Fidelity Fine Tune upgrade on my A308 Integrated Amp. I am not a technical person but the various specifications quoted on the Fine Tune Certificate which came with the upgrade all appeared better than the original spec.

I was very happy with the Amp before upgrade but after upgrade it just sounded even better. It sounds cleaner and a bit more detailed and there seems a big improvement in the stereo sound stage meaning individual instruments etc. seem more precisely positioned. Thank you,

Name witheld
A308 Integrated Amplifier

Dear MF,
Just to let you know how pleased I am with the upgrade to my Nu-Vista Power Amp. The fine tuning has made a great difference and I am pleasantly surprised at the overall improvement in the sound. It has certainly delayed me having to make an upgrade decision in the forseeable future.

I am now saving up my pennies so that I can have my Nu-Vista pre-amp and Nu-Vista 3D CD player fine tuned. Thank you.

Harvey Hyde - Southampton
Nu-Vista Power Amp

Dear MF,
I must confess I was a little sceptical about spending £400.00 on a technical upgrade to my A5 Integrated. When I initially switched on I was disappointed to hear a rather lack lustre, sat around sound. However, left the amp on all night I was amazed to hear a vast improvement. The amp is far more dynamic with greater attack than before. Detail, bass nd openess have also been transformed. Having lived with this 'new' amp for a few days now, I can say htat it sounds terrific, turning a previously good system into an addictive one.

C, Kerr - Middlesex
A5 Integrated Amplifier

If you can bear to part with your beloved TriVista 300 integrated amplifier for a few weeks, and I appreciate that that could be a big if, then I can strongly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to have it fine-tuned by the experts at Musical Fidelity. As they say, the benefits as far as sound quality is concerned are immediately obvious, but, of perhaps greater significance, is the improvement that the changes have brought about in the amplifier's stability. Everything seems rock-solid at all reasonable listening levels, and it's a real pleasure to listen not only to CDs and SACDs, but also to LPs, where hitherto undetected fine details are now revealed. It's just like having the best seat in the concert hall. What an absolute joy!

Richard Higson
TriVista 300 Integrated Amplifier

Dear MF,
I originally bought my 3d cd player after an interesting blind test. Ilistened to a well known Scottish cd player (top of the range) retailing at £12,000, powered by a £15,000 stack of British amps through top-end Proac speakers.

I followed this with the 3d cd player through the Musical Fidelity M3 Amplifier (which i owned) and the same speakers.

In my opinion, the Musical Fidelity was a superior sound, it was addictive, detailed and dramatic, i had never heard better .... Untill now!

I have had the 3d cd player tuned/upgraded by Musical Fidelity. It has more transparency, detail and drama. The sound-stage has more depth, originating from further behind the speakers. I enjoy it as much as my turn-table set-up.

I recommend this up-grade to any one who wants to get the best out of 3d cd. Thanks.

Gus Henry - West London
3D CD Player

Dear Jane,
When I was informed that it would cost £1,000 to “tweak” my kW 250S my first thoughts were that it was a bit expensive; but on reflection I realised that what was being tweaked was: 2 monoblock amplifiers, a tuner, a CD player and a phono amp, thus, using simple maths, £200 per item didn’t seem quite so bad!

Was it worth the expense? Most definitely.

Bearing in mind that the 250S is a great bit of kit to start of with the improvements are subtle rather than earth-shattering. The sound stage is more precise with improved depth and detail, and is delivered with a greater degree of attack. The differences have improved over time as the new “bits” have burnt-in and are manifest in all formats – tuner, CD and vinyl. Well done and thank you Musical Fidelity.

Roy Griffiths - Lincolnshire
kW 250S

Dear MF,
I have been fortunate to have some really high quality equipment from Musical Fidelity, the KW DM25 two box DAC and CD Transport, and the A1008 Amplifier. My dilemma was two fold. First of all, I had once before had a piece of HiFi upgraded by another respectable British firm and I couldn't hear any difference after parting with several hundred pounds, and, was it really possible to make this good sound substantially better. The reviews on this site made me take the plunge. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I am an ex Royal College of Music student, who has professionally spent hours in all the top recording venues in London over many years, and I have a very critical ear.

My first impression was of a profound increase in the clarity and accuracy of the sound. The music now comes through with a new level of realism and truth. Placement within the soundstage has been improved, so have the abilities of the system to open a window into all that is going on in the musical mix. As a result of this naturalness, it is easier to listen for extended periods of time and just enjoy what is there.

I believe Musical Fidelity have latched onto something very important here. Yes, really good products can be mass produced with excellent results, but when you take a piece of kit and hand fine tune, it a whole new experience is possible. Should Musical Fidelity in Britain offer this service pre-purchase, so that there is an off the shelf price and a hand tuned option? I now know I would pay extra for the latter. I think I shall have to get that Headphone amp done now!

Dear Jane,
I have had my Nu-Vista 3D CD player fine-tuned, and the improvement in sound is amazing.

The stereo imaging is much better, and each instrument and voice is presented with much more detail. Bass goes a bit deeper than before, and is a lot more tuneful with each note much more clearly defined. Treble notes are purer and sweeter than before, and vocals sound more natural with better projection in the sound stage.

In fact, my CD player now sounds significantly better than when I first bought it, which is quite an achievement.

As a result, I intend to have my X-CANS headphone amplifier and KW500 integrated amplifier fine-tuned in the near future. Definitely very good value for money!

Yours sincerely,
Tom Auterson - Enniskillen, N.Ireland.
Nu-Vista 3D CD Player

Dear MF,
I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Musical Fidelity for the fine tune of my Nu-Vista M3 integrated amplifier and Nu-Vista 3D CD player. It has transformed a brilliant system into a sensational one. I wouldn't have parted with the equipment because anything better would have been prohibitively expensive but to have it upgraded to this standard for just over £1000 is an offer no existing owners should miss.

It has significantly improved the depth of detail and sweetness. Instruments from solo to chamber group to full orchestra have a spine tingling accuracy with a transparent three-dimensional space around them.

Well done everyone - such an intelligent idea. Thank you.

Peter Green - Altofts, West Yorkshire.
Nu-Vista M3 Integrated Amplifier and Nu-Vista 3D CD Player

Dear Sirs
I would like to express my extreme gratitude for the FINE TUNE on my NU VISTA 3D CD PLAYER. It is by far and away the best £600 I have spent to improve my equipment (which incidentally has cost in the region of £20,000 in all). I thought the sound magnificent before, but the improvement is beyond what I could have thought possible for a relatively small amount of money (when compared to the cost of the original device which I seem to remember cost about £3200). The fullness of sound, transparency and sound stage are all so much improved it is hard to describe in words. Musical instruments really do sound like musical instruments and orchestras like orchestras. Absolutely wonderful, so well done and thank you again.

Best wishes to all,

Chris Fowler
Nu-Vista 3D CD Player

Dear Jane,
Having recently taken advantage of having my 3d cd player fine tuned, I was pleasantly suprised by the sonic difference. After around a weeks running in the extra detail was the first suprise.The bass is deeper, and the seperation of instruments is a joy. Acoustic material draws you into the music. All in all a more magical listen.

G. Trubswasser - Wardle, Lancs
Nu-Vista 3d cd player