Encore Software Release Notes

Version 503

  • NEW: Spotify support. The Spotty plugin to support Spotify is now installed automatically. Enter username and password through the settings page in the web interface. Spotify Connect operation is not supported.
  • NEW: Qobuz support. The Qobuz plugin is now installed automatically. Enter username and password through the settings page in the web interface.

Version 501 - Major update

  • NEW NAS drive support. From the web interface, you can now add any NAS that support the windows file sharing protocol. This is a high-performance option that indexes all files first, allowing quick listing and searching
  • NEW Desktop controller. The main web interface now includes the control functions that were previously hidden in the advanced section allowing operation of the Encore from a computer
  • UPDATE Core software update. The LMS media server software at the heart of Encore has been updated to the current release version. This will improve availability and compatibility with other services as well as allowing new features to be added
  • NEW Remote libraries. As an alternative to the NAS drive support listed above there is now a remote libraries option. This will allow connecting to any other Logitech media server compatible devices
  • UPDATE iOS app update. The iOS app has been updated to support iOS 11
  • FIX Copying Music from the Encore will now include artwork
  • FIX Ripping discs with multiple, identically named, track will saves all tracks correctly
  • CHANGE. Sharing music library from the Encore is now far less likely to mangle file names. Some problematic characters are now replaced with unicode variants that appear similar to avoid OS problems
  • CHANGE Quit has now been renamed to Shutdown and moved into the Settings menu

Version 454

  • FIX CD playback will now stop when a new selection is made from the mobile app. Previosuly this could result in 2 sources playing simultaneously
  • FIX Additional translations for Korean and Chinese that were previously missed have been added

Version 451

  • NEW Added support page to Web interface
  • NEW Remote support controls added to support page
  • NEW Teamviewer link added to support page
  • NEW Reboot and Shutdown buttons added to support page
  • NEW Compilation creation and editing are now possible from the Library web page
  • NEW Internet recovery function to re-flash units in the event of serious software failure
  • FIX Artwork that is embedded in music files is now made available to web interface pages
  • FIX The order of Artists is now the same on the front panel and the web interface
  • FIX When ripping discs that cannot be found online a number is now added so that multiple unknown discs can be separated
  • FIX Certain log files are now removed to speed up system reboot time
  • FIX Stop machine lock up at reboot
  • CHANGE 192kHz WAV files are no longer supported. To play 192kHz files FLAC format must be used

Version 447

  • FIX Sometimes the downloading updates screen was shown instead of the normal startup screen.
  • FIX Changes to encore control update process to prevent boot loops from occurring.
  • NEW Support secure remote connections to encore for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Version 442

  • Fixes to encore control to prevent sleep and wake up being operated too quickly by impatient users.
  • Fixes to CD ripping to prevent erroneous error messages appearing

Version 439

  • Changed relay time delays to eliminate switch on thump.
  • If the Encore is asleep when downloading new updates it will now go back to sleep rather turning itself on.
  • Album artwork can now be replaced by users.
  • After making changes in the Settings web pages and clicking Apply an indication now appears to confirm the settings have applied and the Apply button disappears.
  • BUG dragging AIFF folder into the browser window would sometimes fail. This is now fixed

Version 437

  • Update ios licensing plugin to support iOS Encore app version 1.0.2 which fixes problems caused by iOS 10.2

Version 436

  • Updated samba file sharing software to version 4.4.7. This fixes various problems encountered when connecting from MacOS.

Version 434

  • Fix occasional lock ups of the front panel due to Intel CPU bug.
  • Correct initial logo display to show smaller version

Version 432

  • Plugging in a USB stick or hard drive will now copy any music files onto the Encore.

Version 431

  • Support 192kHz FLAC files.

Version 430

  • Update web interface so that imports are correctly handled when the audio fingerprinting options had been changed.

Version 426

  • Update abcde to clean up after failed rips. This fixes a possible situation where incomplete rips get added to the database at some point in the future.
  • Changes to factory setup process regarding serial numbers.
  • Fix to import process where turning off metadata updates could cause imports to get stuck.

Version 423

  • Major changes to update mechanism to improve reliability. Music playing is now stopped before the download of updates begins. Encore will only reboot when all updates are successful now, preventing reboot loops.

Version 420

  • License management for iOS app
  • Change startup screen to darker bar and fix message appearance
  • Wait for DHCP address at startup

Version 418

  • TIDAL streaming is supported