Dave Flett (Thin Lizzy) Gives His Thoughts on the EB-50 Headphones

Image for Dave Flett (Thin Lizzy) Gives His Thoughts on the EB-50 Headphones

May 22, 2013

Ex Thin-Lizzy guitarist Dave Flett has been enjoying our EB-50 headphones recently.  He tried them out in variety of situations including in the studio whilst recording his new album.

Here's what he said:

"Musical Fidelity is a company with a reputation for high quality, high priced amplifiers and CD players.  I believe this is their first attempt to produce earbuds. 

Because of the aluminum construction, the appearance is very high tech, attractive and modern.  They certainly look like they mean business.  They are sturdy but lightweight and do not feel heavy in the ears.  They look outstanding and are the first set of earbuds that have fit easily and comfortably in my ears.  They come with a nice array of accessories – ear tips, ear hooks, shirt clip, jack plugs and a leather pouch.

From the onset the sound is impressive.  They provide a clean, clinical, unadulterated sound which brings out the characteristics of the voices eliminating any muddiness.  The clarity is outstanding whether listening to Allison Kraus or the Foo Fighters. The microphone worked very well when making a call on my iPhone.

To sum it up the earbuds provide a very competent sound which will attract the everyday listener."

If you haven't heard the EB-50s for yourself why not try them out at your local Musical Fidelity dealer. You're in for a treat!

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