Hi-Fi Critic Magazine Declares the V90-DAC ‘Exceptional’!

Image for Hi-Fi Critic Magazine Declares the V90-DAC ‘Exceptional’!

Oct 4, 2013

Hi-Fi Critic magazine simply loves the V-90 DAC!

In their detailed sonic and technical report Hi-Fi Critic declared the V90-DAC 'capable of embarrassing many more expensive products' and that it 'actually usurps many of the current batch of reference products' despite it's entry level price.

Also noted was the V90-DAC's technical performance which the magazine explored during in-depth measurement. They noted ' state of the art linearity with barely any error' and that 'the jitter spectrogram shows a very low level of spurious artefacts'.

You can now read the full review, reproduced here by kind permission of the magazine.

The V90-DAC is available from authorised Musical Fidelity dealers now.

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