Hi-Fi News Review of MX-HPA - 'Highly Commended'

Image for Hi-Fi News Review of MX-HPA -  'Highly Commended'

Feb 26, 2015

The January 2015 addition of world-renowned audio title 'Hi-Fi News' features a glowing review of the MX-HPA headphone amplifier.

The review, written by ex-editor Steve Harris, gives high praise to the MX-HPA and concludes by awarding it the coveted 'Highly Commended' status.

While enjoying Eric Bibb's 'Get Onboard' through the MX-HPA he noted 'The MX-HPA could give a truly natural,
satisfying sound, with a deep and richly populated
soundstage around the head'.

Read the full MX-HPA review.

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