New Encore 225 Connection Diagram Available

Image for New Encore 225 Connection Diagram Available

Mar 24, 2016

To help perspective M6 Encore 225 owners plan for the many ways they can connect their new music system Musical Fidelity have released a handy connection diagram to illustrate many of the more popular configurations.

With a huge array of input possibilities including analogue, digital, network and USB connections the Encore 225 can handle almost every possible music source. Add in the internal hard drive, massive power amplification and smartphone / tablet control and it's easy to see how the Encore 225 can be the ideal centre piece for any world-class audio system.

To illustrate just some of these possibilities Musical Fidelity have created a handy connections diagram to show just how flexible the system really is.

More information and specifications on the Encore 225 can be found at it's dedicated web page.

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