Musical Fidelity’s First Headphone is Launched – EB-50

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Sep 7, 2012

Utilising much of the Musical Fidelity’s audio design expertise and fastidious attention to detail, the EB-50 offers class-leading performance at an amazing price.

EB-50 has been developed and designed by Musical Fidelity to offer the same level of performance as its high-end audio products. Specific performance characteristics include a ruler-flat frequency response, excellent dynamic range and a deep, clear and fast bass. Ultimately, no matter what music is played through them, EB-50 will faithfully reproduce music as the artist intended with a dynamic and inertia-free performance.

The build quality of EB-50 is extraordinary and features the same fastidious attention to detail and over-engineering as Musical Fidelity’s other products. The drivers use neodymium magnets for greater sound definition, which are encased in a multi-layer, anti-resonant material to eradicate any of the internal vibrations that leads to distortion in lesser designs. These are then housed in a non-resonant military-spec aluminium body. The cable incorporates an in-line mic/mute control so that users with smartphones can take calls whilst listening to their music, and is terminated with a gold-platted 3.5mm right-angled stereo mini jack plug.

For perfect sealing within the ear canal, seven pairs of ear tips are included for personal preference. Also included are fittings for a tighter fit to the ear as well as a carry pouch for safe transportation.

Antony Michaelson, founder of Musical Fidelity said, “Our design objective was to achieve genuine studio monitor sound quality with that certain Musical Fidelity touch of lightness and musicality. This has been no easy task.  We have been developing and refining the EB-50s for more than a year. The result is truly excellent and we are very excited to be launching our first headphone design.”

Find out more at the EB-50 page.

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