M6x DAC Now Available!

Aug 9, 2022

Our M6x DAC is a new milestone in the history of Musical Fidelity DACs. Going all the way back, the M6x DAC is the proud successor to the Digilog model that started it all – in 1988.

The M6x DAC incorporates the newest Sabre ESS chips – one for each channel to compliment the dual mono design front to back. The inclusion of a Time Domain Jitter Eliminator results in superb SNR and THD+N performance with unbelievablely detailed transient response. Other advances in the DAC section include upsampling and re-clocking. The 16-core XMOS and CPLD MAX II Altera processors ensure there is always enough headroom for these operations, the new digital filters and the MQA processing. The single ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs each have their own output buffer. Via the XLR plugs you can enjoy a fully-differential amplifier design enabling a fully balanced output. Both output stages deliver superior audio quality, exhibit very low noise, large output voltage swing and high current drive. The excellent gain bandwidth and very fast slew rate produce exceptionally low distortion.

The M6x DAC’s connects the listener with their favorite artists on a hypnotic level. Carefully unpack the component, hook it up and feel the immediate musical integration: Sweet and clear treble, devoid of grain, paired with bottomless, tactile, and full dynamic low end. Those who want to delve deeper can utilize the customizable settings and make the M6x DAC a powerful tool for experts, which elevates it into a league of its own.

Made to satisfy the discerning Musical Fidelity customer. Designed and built in Europe.

Our most advanced DAC: M6x DAC

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