M6x 250.7 Now Available!

Sep 29, 2022

Musical Fidelity’s first home theatre multi-channel amp delivers serious power to each of its 7 channels – not just on paper.

Since surround sound was introduced into homes in the early eighties, the video experience has never been the same. Sound has become an integral part of the movie experience in homes.

To come close to what the director had intended you to hear and feel, an amp has to deliver power to all channels – not just numbers on a chart but real headroom and dynamics. Musical Fidelity has launched the M6x series of multi-channel amps to provide that: actual performance to all seven channels in a single tidy chassis.

The M6x 250.7 includes all the vital features which set Musical Fidelity amps apart from the rest.

The Full Cinematic Experience: M6x 250.7

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