Nu-Vista 800.2 Now Available!

Jul 28, 2023

The Nu-Vista 800 returns in its updated 2023 incarnation.

The Nu-Vista 800.2 has received a new modernised front plate and a completely new display. It‘s in line with our new range of Nu-Vista products. We soon realised we would have to update the power supply circuits and control and electronic on/off control circuitry to adapt for the new display. And while we were already at it, we had our transformers rewound, for lower standing flux, so they are less sensitive to mains DC offset noise. This means a slightly larger (and heavier) transformer which, thankfully, still fits the same casework.

The Nu-Vista 800.2 carries our famed TITAN heritage in its heart. The original Nu-Vista 800 was the first to include the locally decoupled output stage since the TITAN. This involved giving each output device a corresponding high current bulk supply capacitor. These capacitors mounted on the power amplifier PCB, give it similar appearance to a “V10” engine!

Mounting such a capacitor near to the each output transistor allows more immediate access to stored energy, with much lower impedance path to flow through. This results in better transient response and coincidently provides a degree of improved ripple filtering at higher currents in conjunction with the supply capacitors situated elsewhere.

The new Nu-Vista 800.2 is a continued labour of love for Musical Fidelity. Our passion for Nuvistor tubes didn‘t stop. Everyone at Musical Fidelity hopes that you derive as much pleasure listening to the Nu-Vista 800.2 as we had creating it.

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