Musical Fidelity NOW Streams

Nov 8, 2023

Musical Fidelity partners with WiiM! Selected Musical Fidelity integrated amplifiers will come with a FREE WiiM streamer.

Musical Fidelity, one of the leading companies in high-end HiFi amplifiers, announces a cooperation with one of the best companies for streaming products.

CEO Heinz Lichtenegger notes:

“For a long time, we have been searching for a streaming solution, which does not compromise our superior hardware and sound quality.
We know by listening and research that WiFi and BT in an audiophile amp is a problem due to RF and HF interferences.
Additionally, our products are designed and built to stay world class for decades and are easy to repair and use as much discrete components and circuitry as possible.
So, the logical decision was to partner with one of the leading providers of streaming devices, which have the best software and, from their size, are easy to match with our amplifiers.
The customer will get the best of both worlds.”

  • M2si/3si integrated amps come with a free WiiM Mini
  • M5si/6si integrated amps come with a free WiiM Pro
  • The Perfect Add-On

    Physically super small, the WiiM Streamers are visually the perfect partner, as practically you will not see the product, as it can be covered by the amp itself.

    Multiroom & Linkplay

    Build versatile Multiroom systems that are cross-compatible with other Linkplay based devices and apps. For example with Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 in the Pro-Ject Stream S2 app.

    Musical Fidelity NOW streams

    The modern music lover of today listens to either ANALOGUE sources or STREAMING SERVICES like Tidal and Spotify. In response, we’ve seen a surge in offerings from HiFi companies with all-in-one solutions, sometimes with big displays on top. Unfortunately, such developments are HUGLY EXPENSIVE and on top very maintenance heavy.

    Consequently, all manufactures have to SAVE MONEY somewhere:

    Cheap plastic cabinets, low-cost digital amplifiers, low-cost power supplies.
    Heavy reliance on chips and integrated circuits - meaning components that are insanely difficult to repair or replace and their sonic fidelity pales in comparison to discrete components.

    In short: The sound quality suffers!

    At Musical Fidelity, we acknowledge that any WiFi or BT circuitry generates a substantial amount of RF pollution and distorts analogue amp circuitry when incorporated into integrated, one-box solutions.

    Musical Fidelity stands for sound quality and robust design that lasts for decades.

    We INVEST our money and resources in top-tier hardware and the pursuit of optimal music reproduction.
    This means: Robust mechanics - Discrete circuits - Huge transformers - Class A/B amps.
    No HF and RF distortion.
    We aim to have the best hardware and sound quality in every price range and make true high-end affordable. BUT HOW do we fulfill our customer’s needs for streaming?

    The answer is straightforward.

    Instead of investing millions of euros in a streaming platform (the costs are ultimately passed on to the customer), we are partnering with one of the best STREAMING SPECIALISTS - the US Californian high-tech company LINKPLAY and their WiiM streamers.

    As of November 1st, selected Musical Fidelity amps will come with a FREE WiiM streamer.

    The separate box and separate power supply ensure that we reduce RF and HF radiation and we can keep our analog amplifier technology as good as it is.
    LINKPLAY offers state-of-the-art technology, seamlessly compatible with any contemporary streaming service on the market, all navigable through an INTUITIVE and user-friendly APP. Moreover, their consistent maintenance and software updates ensure an optimal user experience.
    With nearly a hundred engineers at their disposal, LINKPLAY constantly refines their software solutions. A cooperation of the best specialists in HARDWARE and the best in SOFTWARE.

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