Nu-Vista DAC & Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 Now Available!

Nov 28, 2023

After the successful launch of the NU-VISTA PRE, NU-VISTA PAS, NU-VISTA PAM and the award-winning 800.2, we are happy to announce two new source components of the NU-VISTA by Musical Fidelity series.

The Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 and Nu-Vista DAC offer our highly acclaimed phono and DAC technology driven by our state-of-the-art NUVISTOR TUBE analogue technology.

Additionally, we’ve planted the electronics of these two products in matching super-heavy and super-rigid NU-VISTA cabinets. Such cabinets were also necessary as we care about utilizing a maximum of DISCRETE circuitry, which leads to many components and big PCBs. Visually the products match beautifully with the rest of the NU-VISTA line due to the big elegant control knobs and the modern high-tech display. They have an extra warm and beautiful transparent sound against an ultra-quiet background.

For the high-end connoisseur searching for that last percentage of possible performance, we are also soon going to offer an optional superlative power supply, similar to the power supply of the reference NU-VISTA PRE/PAS/PAM. This Nu-Vista Uni PSU will be introduced in the first quarter of 2024.

The Nu-Vista family is a continued labour of love for Musical Fidelity. The brilliant Nuvistor tube never really went anywhere in audio. Until the early 1990‘s when Antony Michaelson and his small company named Musical Fidelity - back then located to the west of London in an artisan hamlet named Wembley - started making amplifiers with Nuvistors. They were made in limited editions and sold out almost immediately. To this day these icons of audio individualism are still highly valued. Now, after Musical Fidelity has been passed on to new ownership, our vision is to continue making history.

The new Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 and Nu-Vista DAC will be no exception. We hope you derive as much pleasure listening to them, as we had creating them.

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