UPDATE - Now with Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal streaming and major NAS drive support!

Any time something new and innovative is introduced to a market some inevitable questions arise. Should I dive in or wait for the next version? Is this going to be around for long haul or is it going to be a mayfly that vanishes in the morning?

Encore is not simply a new product from Musical Fidelity. It is a platform upon which the next decade of our business is being built.

The M6 Encore Connect and M6 Encore 225 are just the first in a long line that will extend to both more cost conscious as well as higher end products.

As far as future version of the M6 Encore products are concerned, there are no plans for any hardware changes. The M6 Encore you might buy in 3 or 4 years from now will be, in all physical respects, be the same product that you buy today. All critical components have supply guarantees for 5 years or more.

The software element is a different story though.

The central processor in the M6 Encore is an exceptionally powerful unit. It provides us with enormous scope to keep enhancing the software in the unit for many years to come. The features that exist today do not come close to exhausting its capabilities.

We have many plans for future features that will be added over the months to come. The important thing is that every M6 Encore sold today will be upgraded automatically, over the Internet, with every new feature as they are completed.

This is much the same as Apple releasing new version of iOS and effectively giving people a new mobile phone without spending any money.

And, just like Apple, the new features on M6 Encore will be provided free of charge*.

Looking further forward, although no future products have been formally announced yet, internal discussion are well advanced on both M3 Encore and Nu-Vista Encore products†. These products will of course be different in many respects. However, all features that exist on the M6 Encore, and make sense on the other products, will be available.

The mobile app support will extend over any product in the Encore family. The app you use with your M6 Encore today will also control any future products in the Encore family. These apps will also continue to be updated and supported for at least 5 years to come.

Encore is the future for Musical Fidelity. The only place it will go is onto bigger and better things.

* Usage charge for external services, such as streaming music services, are not covered. Also, in some rare cases there might be 3rd party license or patent fees that would require us to make a charge to the end customer.

† Mention of these potential products is no guarantee that they will be brought to market.

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