M5 Series

The M5si is an all new integrated amplifier offering exceptional performance in a modest sized package. And now available with a free WiiM Pro Streamer, in the M5si Stream.

We are partnering with one of the best STREAMING SPECIALISTS - the US Californian high-tech company LINKPLAY to include a WiiM Pro for free in the M5si Stream.

Musical Fidelity stands for sound quality and robust design that lasts for decades. We INVEST our money and resources in top-tier hardware and the pursuit of optimal music reproduction.

The separate box and separate power supply ensure that we reduce RF and HF radiation and we can keep our analog amplifier technology as good as it is. LINKPLAY offers state-of-the-art technology, seamlessly compatible with any contemporary streaming service on the market, all navigable through an INTUITIVE and user-friendly APP. Moreover, their consistent maintenance and software updates ensure an optimal user experience.