What is the Encore?

The Musical Fidelity Encores are perfect for anyone who wants to combine the incredible power, realism and emotional involvement of our M6 or M8 amplifiers with a high-quality M3 CD player and accessibility to web radio and Spotify Connect.

The Encore features timeless hardware and massive build-quality that Musical Fidelity is known for and adds an open software side to it bringing you accessibility to modern streaming services. On the other side, all the traditional input and output options are there to make the Encore a mainstay in your music system. You will enjoy the hardware’s excellent performance, facilities and power no matter what changes there are in the digital streaming sector and what services will be available in the future.

Full colour display with hardware frontpanel buttons

All Encore functions can be accessed via the frontpanel! Even browsing and playback of your streaming services can be controlled via the frontpanel! Being able to browse these streaming services with the buttons on the frontpanel (or IR remote) makes the Encore totally unique and perfect for anyone who values traditional high-end build quality and fast access without the need to have your phone or app nearby!

Control via Squeezebox Apps

The Encore can be comfortably controlled via an app on your phone or mobile device. Browse a plethora of streaming services and web radios responsively and easily with the Squeezebox app of your choice!

The diverse control options and the ability to fully control the Encore on the frontpanel make it future-proof like no other digital streaming product. In 20 years, when the digital infrastructure will be completely different from today, your Encore will continue to play music like on day one.

The Encore Range In Brief

- State of the art pre or integrated amplifier with 3 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs
- M6si (M6 Encore 225), M6s Pre (M6 Encore Connect), M8s500s + M8s PRE (M8 Connect) hardware built-in
- M3 CD Player
- High quality aluminium chassis with hardware buttons on the front in pristine build quality
- Large, high resolution, full colour display allows easy and intuitive controls
- Full control via front-panel hardware buttons, IR remote, Squeezebox Apps and web-interface
- Web-radio and Spotify Connect

Encore Tutorial Videos

Want to see more? Take a look at out Encore Tutorial Videos for an in-depth look at connecting up the Encore 225 and Encore Connect.