Freqently Asked Questions

What speakers do you recommend?

Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend speakers to our customers. A lot of it is down to personal opinion. Whilst one person may prefer one particular brand/model, others may favour another brand/model. We suggest that you visit your local Musical Fidelity Dealer and demo our units through a range of speaker brands/models.

What speaker cables do you recommend?

Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend speaker cables, for the reasons mentioned above.

How do I get my Musical Fidelity product serviced?

Please contact your dealer and/or the distributor in your country, they are the first two responders in service cases. You can find your country's distributor here. You can also contact us directly. You can find our contact details here.

Where can I get a replacement manual for my unit?

You will find most owners manuals for Musical Fidelity products here on this website. For current products please see the "downloads" section of the relevant product. If you are looking for an owners manual for a discontinued product these can be found on ourĀ Product Manuals page.

If you still cannot find the manual you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to help.