V-CANII | Headphone Amplifier (DISCONTINUED)

The V-CANII is a headphone amplifier for private listening with incredible sound quality.


Enjoy listening to your hi-fi system via headphones? You’ll enjoy it much more with a dedicated headphone amplifier. The V-CAN II delivers a massive upgrade in sound quality from the standard headphone outputs offered by most hi-fi kit.

Quite simply, by driving your headphones more effectively, the V-CAN II lets you hear what they’re really capable of – you’ll get the full value from your headphone purchase, along with greater listening pleasure.

The V-CAN II is small, beautifully built and easy to use. It has sockets for both common sizes of headphone plug – 6.25mm and 3.5mm – and hooks into your hi-fi system via standard RCA line-level connections.

From the smallest in-ear designs to the biggest hi-fi headphones, the V-CAN II will drive them to perfection. As the Playback review summarises: “The V-CAN II conveys an impression of effortless power coupled with a suave delivery….With every headphone and earbud I tried, the V-CAN II created an image that had excellent specificity and focus”.

V-CANII (DISCONTINUED) - Design and Build

Our original V-CAN headphone amplifier was acclaimed for its outstanding performance and excellent value for money. The mark II model builds on that success, losing none of the high-end hi-fi engineering and adding enhanced-quality casing and a new fine-brushed silver finish. From its solid sockets to its slick volume control, the V-CAN II – like the rest of its upgraded V-Series siblings – is now better than ever.

The V-CAN II takes a different, superior approach to headphone amplification. The majority of headphone stages integrated into hi-fi separates are after-thought efforts – neither they nor even some dedicated headphone amplifiers have the correct output impedance to effectively drive a range of headphones.

They typically have an output impedance of between 50-100 Ohms, meaning they can’t properly power high-quality headphones, which have an impedance of around 30 Ohms.

In comparison, the V-CAN II has an astonishing output impedance of 5 Ohms. This high-end engineering means the V-CAN II is able to drive any headphone with ease – its dual-size sockets also aiding that flexibility. As Steven Stone noted in his review for Playback:the Musical Fidelity V-CAN II headphone amplifier can deliver all the power most headphones or earbuds will ever need.”

The V-CAN II further benefits from our commitment to exemplary technical measurement – and the audible performance boost this brings. The headphone amplifier is an impressively low-distortion design, with complete linearity.

V-CANII (DISCONTINUED) - Specifications


  • THD(+ noise): <0.005%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >109dB ‘A’-weighted
  • Frequency Response: +0, –1dB, 20Hz to 80 kHz


  • 1x RCA / Phono Line Level


  • Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 95 x 40 x 180
  • Weight (unpacked / packed): 350g kg/ 1 kg