Nuvistor Set | Integrated Amplifier

The Nuvistor Set is a 4 selected nuvistors - limited to 200 sets.

Nuvistor Set Front Panel
Nuvistor Set Rear Panel
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Nuvistor Set - Integrated Amplifier

This set contains four selected Nuvistors which guarantee a perfect interaction and audiophile sound due to their properties. Thanks to our exclusive contingent, we can now offer the best Nuvistors as a set.

Nuvistor tubes were invented by RCA in the 1950s to solve the many shortcomings of conventional tubes. Unlike them, Nuvistor tubes offer very high reliability, low microphony, low noise, consistency from batch to batch, small size, relatively low power consumption and great technical performance. The tube is made entirely out of metal and ceramic. Making nuvistors requires special equipment.

Nuvistors are among the highest performing small signal tubes. The results of huge life-tests indicate that the lot failure rate per 1.000 hours for the 7586 (type used in MF) is only 0,475% at a confidence level of 95% to 10.000 hours.

Unfortunately, just as uses for Nuvistor tubes were being explored, the transistor was invented and it was ‘game over’ for Nuvistors.

There the matter rested until about fifteen years ago, when Musical Fidelity created the first of its ground-breaking Nu-Vista series. These legendary, limited- edition products sold out in a matter of months. Today, fifteen years later, they command very high secondhand prices because of their beautiful sound, build quality and longevity.

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