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Musical Fidelity represents the best of British hi-fi. We’re proud to have won worldwide praise from our earliest amplifiers to our latest digital designs; every one expertly engineered – as our name promises – for natural, authentic sound.

We combine 30+ years of audio expertise with the latest technical innovations to create powerful hi-fi separates offering exceptional performance, superb build quality and excellent value for money.

Our unique ranges embrace both traditional and modern means of hi-fi, from vinyl-boosting phono stages via bit-perfect CD players through to unique solutions for music-streaming and ultra-high-resolution downloads – all backed by powerful, state-of-the-art amplifiers.

Whatever type of music you enjoy and however you want to hear it, we have a hi-fi answer here at Musical Fidelity.

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Bartletts HiFi Host Listening Event

Bartletts Hi-Fi is opening its doors across the 24th and 25th June to host a one-off listening event, which is being held in conjunction with ourselves and fellow respected HiFi manufacturer, PMC.


Moorgate Acoustics New Store Launch

Come and join us to celebrate the opening of Moorgate Acoustics brand new store in Woodseats, Sheffield. We're excited to have been asked to demonstrate our fantastic Nu-Vista CD and amplifier, as well as our all-new Encore Streaming Music System!

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Musical Fidelity North America

Musical Fidelity - North America

We're proud to have a dedicated North American office and staff to offer the best local support possible.

Find your local dealer in USA or Canada on our dedicated North American page.

North America